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Artist Statement

I am a painter specializing in contemporary landscapes and semi abstract paintings.

My choice of medium is generally acrylic on canvas or panel.  The paintings are greatly influenced and inspired by nature and light.  I approach a painting most often from an intuitive level using minimal reference or a collection of references and prefer to let the piece evolve through a rendering of feeling and spirit that it may take on through the painting process.

I find that every painting brings forth a new experience and opportunity to learn and grow in sensitivity with the subject matter and skill level to portray the work. For me, this keeps the creative process interesting and my goal is to transfer that to the viewer.




From a very early age, art was always a large part of my life.  I took private art lessons from age eight to twelve for pastel and oil painting.  I received my BFA from The Columbus College of Art & Design and also taught fashion illustration classes there for two years.  For many years I worked as a fashion illustrator with various divisions of The Limited Corporation, and as an illustrator for design firms and numerous companies. Over the past 10 years, I have come back full circle to painting full time and participate in many shows throughout the year.     

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